About Us

Pettit Consulting, P.C. is a CPA firm that limits its practice to Information Technology Consulting. Since 1990, we have assisted clients throughout the USA, Canada, South Pacific, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Curacao, and the Cayman Islands. The consultants at Pettit are aligned with all the latest hardware, software, and best practices in various industries. The firm has pioneered a new standard for information speed with an operational methodology called Know it now® Management. Implementing these guidelines will lead any client to more confident decisions based on the fastest, most reliable information possible. Pettit Consulting, P.C. has been implementing this proprietary style of management for over two decades.

What we offer clients:

  • Strategic IT Planning backed by 30+ years of experience
  • Know it now® certified consultants
  • Systems integration for hardware and software
  • Custom solutions development
  • Thorough experience with medium and large IT footprints
  • Direct customer support from developers and Q&A
  • Experience implementing cloud and on-premise solutions