What is Know it now® Management?

It’s been said that baseball fans pay more attention to statistics than CPAs do. The same could be said about the shortcomings of most organizations when it comes to utilizing their business data. Consider these limitations in baseball terms:

If MLB used batch processing, results and statistics would not be available until hours, days, weeks, or even months after the game. This means managers would need to base today’s plays off old games’ results. Without knowing the results of each play as it occurs, how would the game go on? Players, coaches, sportscasters, and even fans are unable to do their jobs effectively without this knowledge. So how can business managers be expected to make effective business decisions today by analyzing data from last quarter? Put simply, they can’t. But with Know it now® management, they won’t have to.

Know it now® is a management style that enables you to maximize knowledge by increasing the availability and accuracy of data and by maintaining a cohesive network within your organization. Our team of expert consultants works with you to optimize the efficiency of your business operations.

An emphasis on real-time operations is the driving force behind Know it now® management. You no longer need to wait days, weeks, or even months for data to be processed, when it usually becomes too outdated to be useful. Through an assessment of your current hardware and software capabilities, Know it now® challenges to exceed the industry standard for information speed, ensuring your data is processed instantaneously and is readily available to access from any device within the system.

Access to up-to-the-minute data is crucial for management to make informed business decisions and also makes it possible to correct issues before they occur. However, if this real-time data is inaccurate, management may as well base their decisions off another company’s data.

To guarantee more accurate data, Know it now® is implemented as a whole-company solution. While it was generally accepted that accountants are the sole transacting force of an organization, we understand they have no first-hand knowledge of the transactions they are recording. This causes a disconnect and can lead to inaccurate financial results, which can then cause management to make decisions that may not be the most efficient given the actual results.

By holding the person or department with first-hand knowledge of the transaction responsible for recording it, not only does Know it now® management ensure more precise data, but it also keeps data up to date since transactions can be entered the moment they occur. By implementing Know it now®, our clients are able to make more informed business decisions and achieve higher levels of efficiency, resulting in higher profit margins.

In addition to eliminating many discrepancies, Know it now® creates a cohesive network within your organization. Our team of experts works with you to iron out the kinks in your information chain and connect all ends of your business, giving everyone immediate access to the information they need to work efficiently. With all the information you feed your software system, isn’t it time it starts giving you accurate, up-to-date information in return?

To learn more about how you can reach this higher level of operation, download the Know it now® white paper. Complete with comedic quips and satire that any manager or C-level executive can relate to, this white paper is sure to keep you entertained while delving deeper into the steps involved in managing your operations in real time.

Benefits of Know it now® management

  • Management is instantly aware of opportunities to improve and resolve productivity, customer satisfaction, collection, and any financial or operational issue that is occurring
  • Predictive analytics can also give you a competitive advantage by alerting management of any financial or operational issues before they happen as well as of any change in market trend
  • Helps eliminate inventory shortages
  • Faster invoicing rate
  • Improved cashflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Streamline business processes

Download a free copy of the Know it now® white paper here.

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